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Adding program to menu in suite

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Adding program to menu in suite

After running OpenOffice in the Suite, It gives me a file called OpenOffice.exe
I would like to use that file in the menu in place of the Write, Calc, Math etc. I prefer to have the main page come up and go from there as to have to choose write, math, calc etc.
Can anyone guide me as to how to do this.

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You can't right now

At least not officially. Unofficially... delete the other launchers (OpenOfficePortableWrite.exe, etc) in the OpenOfficePortable directory except for the OpenOfficePortable.exe launcher. Then rename OpenOfficePortable.exe to OpenOfficePortable2.exe. It's a temporary hack.

A later release of the menu will allow you to select whether you want a single icon or multiple icons for apps like OOP.

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Another solution

i couldn't get the above hack to work. it looks as though PAM reads the 'friendlyname' from the launchers and disreguards one that has ' Portable' as the friendly name. Here's the solution i came up with:

1. Opened \PortableApps\OpenOfficePortable\Other\OpenOfficePortableSource\OpenOfficePortableApp.nsi

2. Change the following section of code:
!define NAME "OpenOfficeBasePortable"
!define FRIENDLYNAME " Base Portable"
!define APP "OpenOfficeBase"
!define VER ""
!define WEBSITE ""
!define EXECTHIS "OpenOfficePortable.exe -base"

!define NAME "OpenOfficeBasePortable"
!define FRIENDLYNAME "  Portable"
!define APP "OpenOffice"
!define VER ""
!define WEBSITE ""
!define EXECTHIS "OpenOfficePortable.exe"

(Note the extra space between and Portable in the friendlyname)

3. Saved as MyOpenOfficePortableApp.nsi
4. Compiled with NSIS
5. Renamed the resulting OpenOfficeBasePortable.exe to OpenOfficePortable2.exe
6. Moved it to \PortableApps\OpenOfficePortable\

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