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USB Flash Drives with Write-Protect tab?

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USB Flash Drives with Write-Protect tab?

Just wondering, does anyone have a list of or any knowledge of flash drives that include a write-protect tab?

I carry mine round everywhere at the moment but I'm aware that some of the machines I might visit don't have up to date AV / Malware protection... so I'd be happier if I could write-protect my flash drive.

I currently carry a 1Gb drive, so I'd be looking for something around that capacity.

Crucial Gizmo 1Gb flash drive do NOT have a write-protect tab.

John T. Haller
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One consideration

You can't run your apps while the drive is write-protected (Firefox, Thunderbird, OO.o, etc)

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you use Portable Firefox Live and edit the scripts for all your progs.
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Fishd (not verified)
Well, the idea isn't so much

Well, the idea isn't so much for running the main apps, it's just the extension of the thought that you could be plugging you USB stick into an infected machine.

I was thinking that you could write-protect the USB stick, virus/malware scan the machine then remove the write-protect once you are happy with the state of the OS.

Fishd (not verified)
Found on Amazon, the

Found on Amazon, the Easydisk line of USB2 flashdrives have write-protect tabs.

1Gb Easydisk @

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