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AIMP doesn't "see" portable media player (Sansa Clip+)

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AIMP doesn't "see" portable media player (Sansa Clip+)

Hi all,

For some reason my portable version of Winamp crashed and I've been trying to find a new one, so I thought that I'd try AIMP since people seem to really like it.
The problem is that I'm trying to play music from my Sansa Clip+ but AIMP doesn't "see" it, and even if I look for files instead of folders, it will say after importing it that it can't be found.
I really miss Winamp. Best player ever.

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MTP vs File System

If you have your Sansa configured as a media device, nothing will see it unless it specifically supports MTP. MTP is very clunky and has minimal software support. If you configure it in standard USB mass storage mode, everything sees it.

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