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OpenSymbol font problem

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Anonymous (not verified)
OpenSymbol font problem

If this font is not installed in the system (c:\winnt\fonts),
one cannot see the formulas and stuff.

How one can force Portable Openoffice
to recognize this font without actually moving the font itself
to the windows folder,
e.g. if the font exists only on the USB drive?


John T. Haller
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Won't work

You have to install it in Windows. Unless someone knows an oddball workaround.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Tichi (not verified)

> Won't work

ah.. it's a pity.

Thank you for your reply, anyway,
for the excellent portable apps suite..
It has a great future!


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Possible Work-Around

I have managed to get Portable Math to work without a local copy of OpenSymbol font installed and registered on the host computer.

I created a directory called fonts in the following share directory:


Within the fonts directory - create a directory called truetypes

Your path should now look as follows:


In this directory I copied the OpenSymbol font: opens___.ttf

I retrieved the \fonts\truetypes\opens___.ttf from my local installation of on my Ubuntu Linux box.

And now I have Math in full operation on my my USB drive.

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