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Saving all settings/profile/mails on other drive

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Saving all settings/profile/mails on other drive


I am put ThunderbirdPortable into D:\Progs\Thunderbird
All my files will be saved in Data/profile, Data/plugins, Data/setting folders now.

How i can replace folder for all settings/profile/mails/plugins to other disk (C:, F: ... not D!).
in Source/ThunderbirdPortable.ini i can use onle *relative* path. Why not absolute path?

in Readme.txt
The ThunderbirdDirectory, ProfileDrectory, PluginsDirectory and SettingsDirectory entries
should be set to the *relative* path to the directories containing Thunderbird.exe, your
profile, your plugins, etc. from the current directory.

Wm ...
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why make the app un-portable ?

the way portable apps work is to contain the app and related files (including registry settings, etc) in a known space. you are asking for that to be undone or in plain words broken. why are you using a PA if you want to spread the files it needs onto other disks?


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Use Regular Thunderbird

If you want an absolute path on another drive, just install regular Thunderbird and launch it with the -profile switch pointing to your profile.

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