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SCR and IE Privacy Keeper

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SCR and IE Privacy Keeper

Hi there,
just to let you know there is a couple of applications already portable that may be interesting for you. I've used them on my portable hard drive in the past year and found them really useful, so there you go:

IE Privacy Keeper (takealong version) privacy tool (clean up browsers and system leftovers)

SCR (search and replace, standalone executable, I use it for quick and massive code replacement in my site html files)

I don't have the link for the following ones, but I suppose you can just look for the standalone executable files in Google:
killdomino.exe and killnotes.exe (for Domino users/admins)
filemon.exe and regmon.exe (from sysinternals)
metapad.exe (a great replacement for notepad, also on your computer)

And... I used PortableFirefox and PortableThunderbird since the very beginning of these two projects, so I take the occasion to say thanks to John T. Haller for the great, useful job he did and he's doing!

Thanks John, again and again!!