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Portable Apps messed up my flash

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Portable Apps messed up my flash

I installed portable apps but when I put it on my work computer (where I am not registered as an admin user) I was not been able to access my flash drive. Ever since then I have not been able to access my flash drive. My computer recognizes the flash drive but it says that I have 0 free space and 0 space altogther. Has anyone else had this problem? How could I go about clearing and maybe even reformatting my flash? I have tried disk mangement and it does not recognize it. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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Drive Errors

The suite can't really mess up your flash drive. It's just bits like any other files. Not sure what your work computer could have done, unless it was removed unsafely (which can corrupt a drive, especially under Windows 2000). You could try it in another PC and see if it recognizes it as formatable. But, if not, then you'll have to contact the manufacturer for a warranty replacement.

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I plug my drive in and the PC gives it a driveletter which is already being used so I cant access my data/drive. I have to manually change it.
In don't know,but maybe we have the same problem?

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