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request: ECCO Pro PIM

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request: ECCO Pro PIM

Hi all, would anyone be willing to do an installer for the ECCO Pro personal information manager? Thank you for your consideration!

ECCO Pro an excellent freeware PIM -one of the best around since the late 90's -with a loyal user base gathering at:

There are several threads about ecco portability, most notably:

The whole ECCO Pro 32-bit installation can be downloaded from:

(*)Or -better- the very last build EccoPro version of setup32.exe (you would not need Update32.exe) zipped from:

(*)And a new zipped EccoPro installation package with all necessary files to be manually copied to the relevant directories for users of Windows XP Service Pack 2 who might have problems installing EccoPro with the downloaded 16-bit "setup32.exe" from:

Note (*): These last 2 links require free pre-registration before you can download.

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Old and Not Open Source.

Does not appear to be open source. The software is also quite old.

Freeware does not mean open source.

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Link to article ... using ECCO on USB drive

Link to my article on making ECCO PIM USB operational.

Essentially ... download and install ECCO on your PC.

Copy the install folder to a USB drive ... minus files you don't want or need.
Search for the .dll's listed in the article and copy them to the folder on your USB drive.

Can be run from any computer by clicking on the ECCO .exe file.

It is very fast also.

I use Gemx and Agendus Premier now ... but will return to ECCO if it goes open source and develops security and an e-mail client.

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