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AbiWord Automation.

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AbiWord Automation.

Hello Guys,

I am totally new to Portable Apps, that is suggested by a friend of mine to look at for our objectives.

We are working on an application where our .NET Framework 2.0 application is supposed to produce a word document (on fly) in response to users selections/actions. We are using a VPS that is discouraging us to install Word on server because of performance consideration and suggested us to look at Abi Word.

My quick question is, can we program our application to use Abi Word (or its DLLs / APIs) to produce word documents ? We just need to add some text in document along with a table of two columns by 3 rows and page break.

I appreciate your help and advise.


Ryan McCue
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over to the official AbiWord site (linked on the AbiWord Portable page).
All does is package the apps.
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