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What's the point if it won't work on Mac-OS?

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What's the point if it won't work on Mac-OS?

Really. What's the point of an app that won't work on Mac-OS? OR IOS for that matter.

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Vast Majority of Desktops

Windows is running on 91% of desktops/laptops worldwide versus 7.35% running Mac and 1.57% running Linux. Windows is also the operating system you're most likely to run into when out and about and using a computer that's not yours (and carrying your software on a flash drive). Much of our software will run on a Mac if you install CrossOver, Wineskin, WineBottler, PlayOnMac, etc.

None of our software will run on iOS nor do things like Wine/CrossOver. Even if we developed versions that did run on iOS, Apple would not permit it to be included within the App Store, so users wouldn't be able to run it without jailbreaking anyway.

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