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Installing with Existing Applications

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Installing with Existing Applications

I was looking at installing PAM, but already have some apps installed (Firefox and XAMPP Lite from here - and RoboForm). How do I install PAM and bring in my current apps without damaging them?

Maybe I didn't get enough sleep last night, but I could not find this info on the support page nor by searching or browsing this forum.


I should add - I am looking at installing the Base Edition - as there are just a couple more apps I would want to install.

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Just Move Em

Each app is self-contained and can be moved as you'd like to. So, install the base edition and then move your existing FirefoxPortable directory into the X:\PortableApps directory. The menu will pick it up automatically. XAMMP sits in the root right now, but that will be changing soon with a repackaging I'm doing of it.

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