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WINE performance?

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WINE performance?

I've seen many topics about running these apps on WINE, but I'd like to know from experienced users: How does Thunderbird perform on it, and is it easy to get working?

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Installing Wine

Installing Wine varies with your distro. But installing it in Ubuntu is as easy as going to Applications - Add/Remove and searching for wine, checking a box and clicking a couple buttons. Associating it is as easy as right-clicking an EXE and choosing the "Open with other application" and then at the bottom of that window, enter a custom command line of wine and click ok. Then you can double-click on EXEs and they'll start up with wine. You can even start up the PortableApps Menu this way.

Performance is gonna be slower than a native app. Shouldn't be too bad on a reasonable machine (I'm usually testing in a virtual machine, so it's pretty bad). You can make the colors a bit prettier. And you can load up the Windows fonts, I believe, which improves the look, but I haven't played with that yet.

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IIRC, WINE doesn't emulate

IIRC, WINE doesn't emulate Windows fully, it only emulates APIs, so speed isn't as much of an issue.


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