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Make Two Requests

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Make Two Requests


I Would Love to Make Two Requests, 1.PLEASE Make The Update Speed Of 32 Bit Version And 64 Bit Version of Google Chrome Browser Portable Beta And Developer Build Become 10000000000000Xs Faster, 2.PLEASE Portablize Google Chrome Canary Edition By Add Canary Release Channel.

John T. Haller
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Within Hours

The 64-bit test version is updated at EXACTLY the same time as stable is, every time. Stable, Beta, Dev, and 64-bit are generally updated within hours... sometimes just 15 minutes... of Google's official releases. It can't get any faster than that.

We will not be making a portable version of Canary. That answer will not change unless Chrome gets better as an app. Google Chrome is barely functional portably and making a portable version of Canary would serve no purpose. Firefox's Nightly is a different scenario as Mozilla specifically makes code changes to ensure Firefox is portable and works with us to ensure our releases work properly. Google makes no such effort in Chrome as Chrome becomes less portable and more buggy when run portably over time. The purpose of Canary is to run the bleeding edge code and report bugs back to Google. It would be impossible for a portable version to serve that purpose at present. So, it would be wasted effort to build and support.

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