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GIMP: How to debug failing python plugins?

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GIMP: How to debug failing python plugins?

I've installed a plugin which isn't working at it should, and the author has asked for the command-line output from running Gimp - is there a way to do this with GimpPortable (or perhaps PAs in general)? Obviously running the PA launcher just exits - where does any console output from Gimp go?

According to Help->About, I'm running Gimp 2.8.14 on Windows 8.1 64-bit.


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Time passes

Is this still an issue? My guess would be a mismatch in Python versions rather than something PA or OS specific.


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Yes, sadly

Sorry - I didn't get a notification about a reply for some reason.

Yes, it is still an issue, and on the author's suggestion I tried a different plugin of his which has similar features. That also fails to work properly, although no errors as such (it just doesn't actually 'do' what it's supposed to). Other python plugins are working perfectly.

The 2 plugins in question are:


both intended as quick ways to save scaled down versions of the current image. If anyone else fancies testing against GIMP Portable (2.8.14 is my version), I'd be very keen to hear if it's everyone or just me.

I'm still on the hunt to see if I can find the equivalent of console output from GIMP though to help with debugging in general...

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Latest Version, Test Local

Be sure you're running the very latest GIMP which is 2.8.4-fix. Hover over the GIMP icon in the PA.c Platform and it will tell you which version. If you're not running the platform, open up the appinfo.ini file within GIMPPortable\App\AppInfo to check.

If GIMP has any logs (I have absolutely no idea) it goes exactly where it would go in the local version adjusted for portability. Are there any GIMP docs that detail its logs? If GIMP itself is producing console output, we do not capture it and there is no way to get it. Console output in Windows world is a rarity.

Ensure the plugins work in a local copy of GIMP first on the exact machine... install temporarily and uninstall when done... before checking in with the publisher. The plugin may just not work on Windows full stop.

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