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Miranda: The installer DELETES YOUR BACKUP FILES !!

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Miranda: The installer DELETES YOUR BACKUP FILES !!

Very, very saddly, I have to report, that the current installer of the Miranda Portable 0.6.7 searches your drive and deletes other installations of miranda.

Just a few minutes ago, I have installed the Miranda Portable 0.6.7 on my usb drive (into a folder named "MirandaPortable"). On the same drive, in another folder (named "Miranda1"), there was my old installation of Miranda (which was not even the portable one, just a simple Miranda).. Now it is entirely gone, the "Miranda1" folder is empty.. The settings, my history, contacts, ..everythings deleted. I tried to undelete but it's of no good.

I read that the installation manual tells me to backup my settings before I install. Well, I did! I am pretty sure! So why the hell the installer touched that backup in other directory?? And who the hell wrote an installer that deletes OTHER applications??? Yes, the other Miranda was a DIFFERENT application by a DIFFERENT publisher.

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don't double post, this post and the one in the Firefox forum are basically the same. I have answered there.


Steve Lamerton

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