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Skype leaving stuff behind in %USERPROFILE%\Tracing\WPPMedia et al

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Skype leaving stuff behind in %USERPROFILE%\Tracing\WPPMedia et al

Skype Portable leaving stuff behind in %USERPROFILE%\Tracing\WPPMedia and similar Registry entries

Win 8.1

Haven't used Skype for months
File dates match to last auto update
Just checked by starting & stopping Skype and seeing extra files and reg keys changing

To add to the fun Tracing is a system folder or similar.
Is it possible Win is creating the fluff in response to Skype rather than Skype itself creating the them?

In any event they shouldn't be there after a Skype Portable session on a random system.

P.S. I know my food and I disagree with the captcha. Water is *not* food and there is a difference between a soup and a stew ! Damn side more fun that google street view house numbers, I like it Smile

LATER: googling suggests this may get complicated depending on Win version, privileges on host, etc, I don't use Skype enough for it to be a personal concern so I'll leave it to others.

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System Generated

Those files are generated by the operating system itself due to the fact that Skype uses an IE browser view internally to show ads and similar. We won't be messing with it with our launcher as it could break other things.

All apps leave things like prefetch files and certain registry traces as well that Windows generates. We don't touch those either.

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