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qBittorrent: Auto-Shutdown Doesn't Work

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qBittorrent: Auto-Shutdown Doesn't Work

I asked the developer of qBittorrent about this, and he told me to come here instead.

I've been using the portable qBittorrent for 2 or 3 versions now, and in none of those versions has the Auto-Shutdown function worked for me. When I set the program to auto-close upon completion of the downloads, nothing happens. The same is true when I set it to shutdown the PC.

Is this something intentionally disabled in the PA version, or is it a bug?


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Just Moves Files and Adjusts Paths

All our launcher does is move qBittorrent's settings to/from its registry keys and the LOCALAPPDATA and APPDATA locations it uses and adjust the qBittorrent.ini file to update paths as you move PCs. While running, qBittorrent runs as normal.

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