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TBP under Linux

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TBP under Linux

I've been playing around and may have found a way to 'use' TBP under linux. If you have TB on your Linux computer, use your TBP profile by saying:

cd .mozilla-thunderbird/
rm -rf fej2039jfladfj.default
ln -s /mnt/usb/ThunderbirdPortable/Data/profile fej2039jfladfj.default

The same would work for Firefox, I suppose.
there is only one catch. Don't ever EVER E V E R logout without manually saying

umount /mnt/usb

If you do not say this, TB will leave lock files behind which will not allow you to access your profile in Linux and it will completely screw over a Windows install of TB.
Anyhow, I thought I'd share both the hack (for those whose computers don't have wine--and aren't allowed to)and the caveat (I almost lost data. Getting it back chewed up a weekend.)

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