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Fade In/Out effect for PortableAppsMenu

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Fade In/Out effect for PortableAppsMenu

Hello all !

I have a suggestion for the PortableAppsMenu application.
Is it possible to add an option to desactivate the Fade In/Out effect that shows up the menu when clicking on the icon in the systray ?

My computer is slightly slow and it's really fading in & out so slowly, it's a bit hard to use the menu for me.
For those who hates visual effects (like me) it could be a great stuff too.

Your software is a huge one, thanks a lot for developping it!!!

May the force be with you Smile

Ryan McCue
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Coming Soon / Wrong Forum

That feature is coming soon, probably in the next version.

Also, you posted in the wrong forum, the PortableApps Menu forum is more appropriate. I have moved for you.
Ryan McCue
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