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Bitcoin/dogecoin miner portable?

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Bitcoin/dogecoin miner portable?

Hello, I'd like to mine dogecoins on my father's PC since it's much faster than mine. I used the search spell, but it failed. Is there any way to do this?

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Sorry to sound stuffy but ...

there is a general legal and moral problem with coin mining using systems / facilities that you don't own. In your case it may be a happy arrangement between you and your father but the general situation is more complex.

e.g. if I have access to a Uni Science Lab computer and use it to generate *coins who do the coins belong to? Recent legal stuff suggests the Uni not me.

For this and similar reasons *coin generators are (IMO) unlikely to become official apps, because although your arrangement with your father is hopefully a friendly one, someone else may use it to "steal" from their employer, which is where the morals come in, is it really stealing, etc.

Generally this isn't the sort of app that gets broad support. I don't speak for JTH and other regulars but I'd be surprised if mining apps ever became official.

P.S. the way coin mining works I don't know anyone that has sufficient personal power to mine much, when the electricity costs more than the coin is worth at the end you know you're doing it wrong Smile


P.P.S. distributed computing where you give away stuff is likely to receive more support. thunk about it
if you really want to use up your dad's free power


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