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How to update Firefox for U3

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How to update Firefox for U3

I realize it is not legal for anyone to offer a download for Firefox 2 U3 and U3 isnt really supported on this site, but if anyone knows how to do this it is you guys.
So to dodge around the system a little, can someone explain how to upgrade Firefox U3 to Firefox 2 U3?

I remember something similar to this happened with Portable Skype and all we had to do was copy the updated executable into the portable folder. Will the same work for Firefox?


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I don't know about

I don't know about upgrading, but you can always use the Firefox Portable from this site and create a shortcut to it in the U3 LaunchPad with my Shortcut Creator

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Steve Lamerton
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I haven't tried it myself, as far as I am aware it (FF U3 1.x) contains an unmodified copy of Firefox so if you could find the correct folder and simply replace it with a version 2 folder you should be all right, backup first though!


Steve Lamerton

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Steve Lamerton is correct

Steve Lamerton is correct the ff U3 is upalatable that way.

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