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VLC: Editing Bass - Treble and Saving file

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VLC: Editing Bass - Treble and Saving file


Under Effects I can adjust the bass and treble of a song but is there a way to then saves those changes in the song as a separate .mp3 file?

Thank you!

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RE: Editing Bass - Treble and Saving file

You could try streaming the song to another file. [I assume it would save the bass and treble changes into the new file]

Or use an app such as Audacity to apply your desired bass and treble changes and save as a new file.

If you go the route of using Audacity [specifically] and have trouble figuring it out, post a screenshot of VLC's Effects window with your adjusted bass and treble and I'll create an xml file that can be imported into the Equalizer effect in Audacity. [with steps to import it and how to apply it Smile ]

Personally, I could never really get VLC to stream to another file properly [caused crashes]

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