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HelloNzb Portable 1.4.4 Development Test 1

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HelloNzb Portable 1.4.4 Development Test 1

Application: HelloNzb
Category: Internet
Description: HelloNzb is a free (Open Source) Usenet client designed to easily download binary files and data from Usenet newsgroups. You can feed it with NZB files that you have downloaded from the Internet (click here for more information about downloading binary files from Usenet). Since HelloNzb is written in Java, it runs on many platforms.

Download HelloNzb Portable 1.4.4 Development Test 1 [5.2MB download / 10.9MB installed]
(MD5: 5b6a8d8cc21efbe09ceb782b119382b6)

Release Notes:

Development Test 1 (2015-08-18): Initial release

  • Application is java-based and saves its preferences in [HKCU\Software\JavaSoft\Prefs\me\mabra\hellonzb]
  • Preferences are rerouted into hellonzb.reg in the data directory
  • Registry is cleaned up after termination of the application
  • Paths in hellonzb.reg are updated if directory is moved
  • I couldn't manage to preset the paths to par2j.exe and UnRAR.exe in the App\HelloNzb directory since HelloNzb deletes all preferences if there is no usenet server set. If there is an example usenet server set in advance though, the preferences menu does not pop up on first launch. Maybe someone of you got an idea for this.
  • Thank you for giving me feedback and have fun testing! Smile