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Apps without a frontend

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Apps without a frontend

Hi folks,

is there a built-in possibility for making apps portable that doesn't have a directly startable gui?
I'm thinking about shell-extension based applications like Tortoise SVN or MP3ext.

What I would expect is something like a traybar icon that turns the shell extension ON, if closed, it turns the shell extension OFF.

Greetings, Jan

Wm ...
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thinking aloud

there are a few apps (if you think of them like that) in Common that can do pretty much anything, if you believe the Java salesman, that is Wink

there is a mechanism to invoke random java so I think, theoretically, everything is in place.

problem is the shell extension, otherwise a fine idea until it is thought through.

Nothing stopping you from using otherwise portable apps that weird themselves out by offering shell extension tools (being an actual shell extension is a bit more)


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