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thunderbird address book needs more !

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thunderbird address book needs more !

immediately after creating a new contact, it is lost in the long list, & i have to search it painfully among thousands of entries. the scroll bar shold remain at the last entry.

more search options are required. more export options are required. more customizable address fields are required.

look up contact in the context menu when clicking on email addresses required.

atleast there will be some addons extensions for some additional functionality in near future, i hope.

i have finally migrated from outlook completely (lock stock & barrel) to portable TB, & also to other portable apps like OOO & abiword & been using all these for about a month. i wish that PTB address book works in tandem with other Portable apps like OOO for mail merge. wonder if this is possible ?

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Your issues are in regards to Thunderbird and not Portable Thunderbird. You should bring them up in the Thunderbird Support Forum. You could have a go at making your own extension if you wanted...

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