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Better resillience against sudden disconnect

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Better resillience against sudden disconnect

Well, sometimes the unthinkable happens. A USB stick suddenly disconnects due to whatever faulty thing in the chain.

As a result, PA absolutely flips out with every concievable error message that could possibly occur, so it seems. PA needs to be more resillient aginst this sort of thing.

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I know what you mean

Occasionally when I unplug my flash drive without closing the platform (yes, I know this is bad for it, but emergencies do happen), I get hit with many error messages that are impossible to close as clicking OK generates another one.

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Platform or Apps

From the platform or from the apps? The platform has code to sense an unsafe ejection that caused a graceful exit but it hasn't been tested in a few years since it's such an uncommon scenario, so it likely doesn't work anymore. If you mean the apps, they're all gonna crash badly because the drive they're running from was just ripped out from under them and they have no ability to deal with it.

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