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CDExPortable - Virus (False Positive?)

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CDExPortable - Virus (False Positive?)

I have been using CDExPortable, but I've recently had doubts about it. VirusTotal is showing it as mostly clean:

but this site is showing possible malware:

Unfortunately, I don't really understand the results above. I ran another analysis of the non-PortableApps version and it showed OpenCandy, which my research seems to say is obnoxious and invasive, but not necessarily dangerous.

Running these was prompted by the fact that on the website there is no way to download the source code (removed?) and no way to contact the developers (no email or forum). I tried to email the owner of the domain asking for the code, but got no reply.

I did notice that there are a couple unofficial versions on github, but the official version is no longer on sourcefourge that I can find.

So, my question is, does anyone here (maybe the CDEx developer himself?) have contact with the developers of CDEx to obtain the source code, or have knowledge enough about the above analysis to vouch for the safety of the program? The software has been useful to me, but it makes me nervous to run something with all of the following three characteristics: 1) analysis showing possible malware, 2) All source code links removed from site the & sourceforge, 3) all ways to contact developers removed from the website. I'm guessing the maintainer just has been doing other things and it's probably fine, but--as I said--it makes me nervous.

Also, unrelated: I think the password reset on may be broken. I have an old account I forgot the password to, but it never sends me an email when I've tried to reset it. Could be wrong. Maybe my account got deleted.

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I do not use the software

I looked at virus total and 0/56
I looked at second link 1/57 1% threat

I looked over the CDex site and looks like links broken

I did see PortableApps has source but looks a little out dated so will wait for someone else to respond more knowledgeable than me

FWIW however again it seems a little out of date

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