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Why KANA REMINDER still does not integrate PortableApps???...

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Why KANA REMINDER still does not integrate PortableApps???...

Dear Sirs

To make my PortableApps more useful for my needs, I looked for a "reminder" program - but the truth is that

KANA REMINDER is, really, the one and more complete - although extremely simple! - program to set reminders to be triggered at a specified time - and more: it can also be used to run other programs! And even more: it's lightweight, and FREE!

It can be downloaded with - or - without the "setup" program - it's found at

That's to say: it fits all conditions to integrate this very select team of portableapps!!!...

Well, I tried use your options, in order to join it to my PortableApps Platform, but... I didn't succeed!!!

I'm using it for some years, with not even one complaint or regret - but the problem is that, from now on, I'll need to travel constantly among at least 02 cities: so, my Reminder shall need to follow me!

It this case, it would be marvelous to carry my Kana Reminder along with my PortableApps in my smartphone!!!!

Then, may I ask You to tell me HOW-AND-WHEN is it possible for You to incorporate "Kana Reminder" to your PortableApps platform?

Let me thank You since now for the kindness of your attention, and (positive!) answer!!!...

Sincerely yours

Dalton Gilson
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

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App is freeware

so anything is possible if a developer wants to ask permission or create an online installer. From what I see it appears your issue is it stores data in appdata and that is what makes it not movable, The launcher could take care of that or as I read the page it shows you where to command line change the location of stored data if I get some time may take look

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