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Thanks for the great app and apps.
I have done a donation in the previous version and all was successful.
However after the upgrade to version 12.2 it asks me to donate again...??

Is this normal behavior??


Ed Martens

John T. Haller
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Thank you, general message

That's a general message on the lower half of the What's New prompt on first launch after an upgrade. The main purpose of the window is to show you what's new in the platform and then remind you below to donate.

We don't yet have a way to associate a specific install of the platform with a donation, but I'm working on something so those who've shown support can see a different message. Until that happens, please, when you see that message think "I donated. I'm awesome"

Thank you for donating!

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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Donation button on About window?

If you mean the About/What's new window - this is displayed automatically after a platform update since the last two versions to inform users about current changes. AFAIK there is no cross check, whether one has donated or not. The donation button is hard coded.

Donation has been completly voluntary ever since I know There is no technical benefit for donors other than being listed as sponsor (and getting some place for sponsoring logos at the higher levels) if one chose to participate in the sponsorship. That said, donations help keeping up and running. It's a way to contribute and give something back, if one feels like it (and can afford it).

Btw, your question mark seems stuck (scnr). Wink

I've been too slow - again... And errant in some aspects as John's post above clearly shows. Smile

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