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This URL ( is supposed to show me a soap opera in order to download it, but everytime I try to watch it, Portable mozilla does not let me do it. In addition to that the IRC system is not working cause nobody answered to my questions. And finally, I tried to download a video from another site, but I clicked on "+" and then chose to download and convert (into mp4 format) but the video downloaded with this name "media-11" in a different rout: "C:\Users\Rodrigo\AppData\Local\Temp". Please, help!

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More Info Please

Is it browser based? How are you trying to download? Given I can not access it Due to me being restricted on site? GeoFencing You are not permitted to view? Does it perform as expected on local install of browser?

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"Yelling", answers

For future reference, please try to refrain from typing in All-Caps, as this is viewed as "Yelling" in most places on the internet, including by many users of these forums. With that said, welcome here. Let's see if we can help answer your questions.

Firstly, when you refer to "Portable mozilla", what browser are you referring to specifically - Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition; SeaMonkey, Portable Edition or Mozilla Firefox Developer Edition, Portable?

Also, what is the exact path that you have the browser installed to.

Secondly, To confirm that this is indeed a portable issue, and not one with either the base app or the website itself, please attempt to visit the site using a local copy of the browser.

Thirdly, the IRC room, like this website itself, is run by volunteers, with no set schedule, as users come and go as they are able.

Finally, referring to the video download - can you please elaborate on what application you were using, and what the expected behaviour was.

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