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Chrome Portable trouble opening from links

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Chrome Portable trouble opening from links

I have a problem that I am trying to find a solution. I am using Chrome Portable v45 as my default browser with Windows 7 Pro. I have installed several extensions and bookmarks. Everything works fine until I try to click on a link in an email. When I do, Chrome opens, but none of the settings I have made are displayed. The bookmark bar is hidden and none of the extensions are installed.If I close the session and start Chrome from the taskbar the settings are all there once again. It is as if it goes to a completely different place to start Chrome, somewhere that doesn't have access to my settings. Can someone offer an explanation and a fix?

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John T. Haller
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Opened In Local Mode

If you set Chrome as your default browser, it will associate the chrome.exe part of Chrome inside Chrome Portable as your default browser. When run, it'll run in local mode with a local profile. You need to manually set GoogleChromePortable.exe as your handled for HTTP protocol and HTML files for it to work portably.

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Open Chrome properly from a link

I do have Chrome Portable set as the default browser on one of my machines, my personal one. The other I cannot since I don't have authorization to install anything or choose my default browser. (That is why I am using the portable version). I went into the "open with" dialog and manually pointed everything I could find to Chrome Portable rather than IE. That being said both machines behave identically. When I start Chrome from the desktop it opens properly with my extensions and bookmarks, when I open from a link in an email it does not. Even if Chrome is currently open, it starts another process without my additions.

What happens when you modify Chrome with extensions and bookmarks? I assume a file is created somewhere that contains these changes. When I start Chrome from the icon on my desktop the directory is specified for the software to start in. When Chrome starts from a link in an email how does it know what directory to look in for the setup information? I believe that this is the problem. Since Chrome Portable isn't installed there aren't registry pointers to guide it. At least this is what makes sense to me. Am I wrong? I'm just kind of shooting in the dark here, I don't have a problem being wrong. It would be great if I could get it to work a little better than it does currently. Thanks for your help.

~ TomW

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Been having this problem

Been having this problem forever, but it won't let me choose anything but 'SRWare Iron' or 'Internet Explorer'. No browse button, no 'other programs'.

Ken Herbert
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Slightly different issue

PortableApps do not create registry entries to add programs to the right-click "Open With" menu, so they will never appear there.

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