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Problem updating dbbrowser for sqllite

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Problem updating dbbrowser for sqllite

I regularly encounter problems downloading updates of db-browser for sql-lite: file not available or something. all other apps update without problems.
I usally have to go use the apps homepage and download *.paf from there. Is this a common problem ? How could it be resolved, i.e. to enable a correct download-link/adress

Bruce Huber
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Hi richi66,

Hi richi66,

You probably missed the solution when you searched because the app's name is actually "DB Browser for SQLite", (not dbbrowser as one word).

The answer is in this forum thread ...

[Solved] SQLite Database Browser update to 3.5.1 fails via platform update

And, specifically, in the comment dated "March 23, 2015 - 2:39pm".

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