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Automatic about:config modification on firefox

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Automatic about:config modification on firefox

Hello all,

When I check about:config in FirefoxPortable, I have several values that are modified and causes problems:

general.useragent.override;Mozilla/5.0 () Gecko

Even if I reset them they are put back to those values next time I start FirefoxPortable.

This leads to several website to be inaccessible
The tls value leads to a "Secure Connection Failed" "Error code: ssl_error_unsupported_version" on few websites (putting tls back to 1 fixes the problem)
The useragent modification leads to some website to say that my browser is not supported and they block the access (resetting the value fixes that)

I have disabled all addons and it is still the same.

If I start firefox from the FirefoxPortable\App\Firefox folder I don't have the problem ...

I am using the latest FirefoxPortable version that I reinstalled today on top of the old one.

I haven't found yet which value make the captcha for this forum unavailable too, I have to connect with chrome.

Thank you in advance for your help

PS: There is also this value: accessibility.blockautorefresh;true that is really annoying.

John T. Haller
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Not Us

That wouldn't be due to any of our code. We have a couple changes that are applied on first run only as part of the default preferences (cache disabled because it slows down flash drives and the like) and then one setting that is applied on every run (telling Firefox not to check for default browser). Other than that, the only thing we do is adjust paths.

The only time I've seen this sort of behavior is if you're using a locally installed security suite that tries to intercept and monitor browser traffic for security. They use a faked security certificate to intercept all HTTPS traffic and have to set Firefox's security down to do so. There are also a few adware and badware things that can do this, so I'd scan your PC to be safe.

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Thank you

Thank you very much for your answer,

I will have to check my computer. And try to see if I can see if my company is actually trying to intercept all HTTPS traffic...

Thank you again for your great job

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