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Need to reinstall the U3 Launchpad?

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Need to reinstall the U3 Launchpad?

Well guy this is my guide to reinstall the u3 launchpad. the tools needed is your u3 drive that had the launchpad uninstalled and your manufacturers update tool. the instructions are this Just run the update tool and let the update do the rest. You don't need to do any hacks to the updater just leave it as is and your launchpad should reinstalled. I found this out when I unistalled u3 on one of my u3 drives. I have 2 memorex mini travel drives and I uninstalled the u3 launchpad on one and then tried updateing the second one which I bought a couple of days earlier. I had both drives connected to my computer when I discovered this. Well I ran the update tool and it found my travel drive that had the u3 launchpad uninstalled and when the update was done I had the u3 launchpad working again. Crazy Huh.. Well thats is my no-hack hack guide