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Trend System Cleaner

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Trend System Cleaner

This forum topic could go in a few different catagories so I apologize if this isnt the best place. Tren micro has a av app called Syscleaner, that can be run in ms-dos from a bootable enviornment or from a thumb drive or a windows/linux installation. I tried adding the directory for the system cleaner in the portable apps menu, and it shows up but I cant launch the program. It flashes the screen for a second then says fail. I can run the app stand alone from my usb flash, but I wanted to put it in the portable app menu and run it from there. There are only a couple of files needed to run the app which are the and the virus definition pattern file which as of 2/21/07 is lpt$vpn.285. Once you open the sysclean file it calls upon the pattern file and takes you to a gui to start the scan and automaticly clean files if you want to.
I was wondering if anyone has used this utility with portable apps, or knows what im talking about from running ultamate 4 win cd. I think this would be a good addition to the portable apps utility, and hopefully someone else has tried using this with portable apps with success.

This is the link for the virus pattern file

This is the link for the file