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Free PDF Split and Merge Software

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Free PDF Split and Merge Software

PDF Split and Merge is window based software used to Split the PDF Documents into multiple pages and to join multiple PDF files into the single one. The tool has additional feature of PDF Compress with which users can reduce the size of PDF files. During the PDF Split and Merge Operation, the software does not change the actual data (Formatting, Links and Images) of PDF file. The Free PDF Split and Merge software supports all editions of windows Operating system.

Download PDF Split and Merge:

John T. Haller
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We already make this available which does everything you list in the features above:

You joined just to post this for a newly released app and it doesn't follow the recommended Request format which makes it seem more like an ad. Are you in any way affiliated with the company?

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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No, I am not any affiliated

No, I am not any affiliate of the company, i have personally used this software and found it useful. That's why i have submitted it here..

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7-PDF Split & Merge

I am not sure whether this is the same software. I know this one from (

Here are detailed informations about the software

Download portable version (paf.exe!!!) here:


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Please follow the Request Apps Guidelines

If you actually want these apps to be portablized here, then you need to post your requests in the right format.
See the Request Apps Guidelines for more info.
And also, as John T. Haller has pointed out, we have a tool which splits and merges PDFs, as well as rotating and adding background/stamp/page numbers, etc. so what does the app you're requesting, do that PDFTK doesn't, or what does it do better/differently.
WHY should (which is mostly run by John) add it to the list of software they (he) have to keep up to date all the time?

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PDFSam Portable

There is the PDFSam (Merge/Split) portable: clicking on "All platforms" link.

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