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Backups: internal vs with 7zip

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Backups: internal vs with 7zip


I am using Portable apps on a partition of my hard drive (which I sometimes load to a USB drive), to make using my apps on different laptops simpler.
Currently I simply zip the whole installation folder to a zip file for tranfers/ archiving.
I am missing anything vs archiving using the internal backup of Paf? Of course I understand that on a foreign PC without zip programs, the self installed Paf backup is great.

Just checking. Thanks

John T. Haller
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The internal backup has the ability to back up your Documents or whole drive, which can be done in 7-Zip fairly easily. It also has the ability to quickly back up just the data from all your apps without needing to take the time and space to back up the apps themselves. This is due to the consistent directory structure of apps in PA.c Format and the ability for 7-Zip (which the PA.c Backup uses internally) to just back up specific sub-directories.

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