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floAt's Mobile Agent

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floAt's Mobile Agent


floAt's Mobile Agent or FMA for brief, is a Sony-Ericsson mobile phone tool for Phone and SIM book editing, Calendar, bookmarks, alarms handling, SMS archive and organizer, which could sync Phone book to Microsoft Outlook contacts.

Starting from version 2.1 beta 4 could be used as portable application. The application checks if it is started from Removable device (an USB stick) and enters in Portable mode automatically. Or it could be forced to do so by setting a command line switch "/PORTABLE" without quotes.

Only the executable file is needed to run it in Portable mode. Settings will be cleared on exiting, and phone profiles will be stored in folder under application folder.

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Gonna give us a link?
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Should be the setup file, I guess

This program is amazing, I really hope they will support other phone companies in the near future (Nokia, Samsung, ...).
And a GTK and maybe Python/PyGTK based, cross-platform version should be much more successful, too Smile

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*I vote on this too

I use this tool and it life saves me.

I can backup all my text messages.

Hey Why can't mozilla Thunderbird have an extension like that where I can download via bluetooth or COM6 all SMS messages to my email base.

That way I can download all SMSs to my portable Thunderbird on the go

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