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Sublime Text 2/3

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Sublime Text 2/3

Program: Sublime Text v2 or 3 (beta)

License: Free to Try, Per-user license or Commercial (currently no enforced time limit, no disabled features)

Description: Sublime Text is a text editor for developing code, using color schemes, highlights, and auto-tabbing/spacing. Sublime Text allows open-source plugins using a package manager to enhance the user experience as well as expand the tools and commands available. While the program is cross-platform, only the Windows release offers a portable version.


Other: They already provide a portable version for Windows 32/64-bit

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Anyone Approached Them?

That could be a nice addition to the suite.
I hope if one approaches them they will engage.

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Sublime not open source, but here's how to add it manually...

SublimeText is not open source, but can easily be manually added to your PortableApps setup.

  1. Download from here. Be sure to select the portable version and the architecture for your platform (normally 64-bit)
  2. Unzip the download and place the whole folder INSIDE your PortableApps folder, right NEXT to your folder (notice the .com on the subfolder).

    For example, if your folder is here: C:\Users\JohnDoe\PortableApps\ , then put your Sublime folder here: C:\Users\mmcelheny\PortableApps\Sublime Text Build 3176 x64\

  3. Refresh your portable apps icons, or restart the portableapps application
  4. In your portablesapps menu, right-click and hide the extra .exe files you don't want, like crash_reporter.exe and plugin_host.exe
  5. Open sublime_text.exe and register it (you did pay for a license, right? It's worth it!).
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