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Firefox, since v42, blue screens my PC

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Firefox, since v42, blue screens my PC

Ever since Portable Firefox v42 came out I can no longer use it because it simply blue screens my computer before it ever finishes loading; it installs fine, but won't run at all. I didn't say anything before because I was waiting to see if v43 did the same thing and it does. I noticed that the filesize of the v41 install file is 43MB whilst the filesize of v43 is 93MB, more than double. I didn't save the v42 file so I don't know if whatever is in those additional 50MB is what's causing the issue. No other program causes this behavior. I'm running with limited rights on a Win 7 64 bit box.

I appreciate anything on this.


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in file size may be due to the inclusion of 64 bit support that Firefox now has.

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Could Try 32-bit, Apps can't crash Windows

Firefox is now both the 32-bit and 64-bit together, so it's bigger. The 64-bit version may not play nicely with your PC so you could try the 32-bit version by forcing it:

Note that apps can't crash Windows on their own. But they can trigger underlying issues with your system. This is most common with video drivers. The most famous incident being a widespread buggy ATI laptop driver that Mozilla had to specifically detect in Firefox and work around. Try updating your video drivers specifically along with all Windows updates.

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