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AIMP Portable Dev Test 1

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John T. Haller
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AIMP Portable Dev Test 1

AIMP 4.x is a large departure from AIMP 3.x, so I'm posting a development test to ensure it both works right and handles upgrades from 3.x properly. Multiple settings files get renamed and some are no longer used as the UI has changed drastically.

Please try both clean installs and upgrades and report your results. Please be sure to backup your existing install before using.


Download AIMP Portable Dev Test 1
8MB download / 30MB installed
MD5: b8226e6e757128e40188beeb7bb9ee9e

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Clean install and upgrade works for me on Windows 7 Pro x64.

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Everything works here...

No problems here, just backed up my current install. Made the update and added my encoders back to the updated version. I like the UI on this version as well. Reporting from Win 7 x64.

I will add, my only complaint about this app in general is having to re-add the encoders after each update.

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Fresh Install Looks Good

I didn't use AIMP 3.x before so can only test fresh install. All looks fine on my end. Like the player - think I found a new one to use.

Axel Foley
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Great job.

Clean install. Then it updated to latest version (1683) automatically.

Thanks John.

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