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Making x64 only Firefox

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Making x64 only Firefox

Dear John. T. Haller,

Do you think releasing only 64-bit version of Firefox? Like Google Chrome x64.

Copying all files from 64-bit folder to Firefox folder, than deleting 64-bit folder is it ok? will it crash or cause any problem?

I'll never need 32-bit version, and I want to make things more regular.


John T. Haller
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No Need

There's no need, just run it. It will always use the 64-bit version while you're on a 64-bit machine. The only thing it would save you is a small bit of disc space. And Firefox Portable with both is about the same size as Chrome with just 32-bit.

The 64-bit Chrome Portable is a test version and unsupported. The only reason we don't have it released as a dual mode app is because Chrome is extremely bloated. A dual mode app would be 330MB which puts it in office suite territory.

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