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firefox portable, java problems

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firefox portable, java problems

I use web applications with java(opened in the web browsers). The problem is, that I must have access to this applications all day long, but I don't have administrator privileges in every PC, which I use . I’ve tried to get around this by installing Firefox portable on USB drive. I've also installed Portable Java. Everything seems to be ok, but unfortunately in the available plug-ins there is no Java. I've searched a bit and tried some advices : deleting some files from the folder "bin" java portable and change it with other files, or combining something from the environment variable "MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH". Unfortunately, nothing helps. Could someone help me ??

I have at home versions:

Anyone know how to do that works ?? And carbon, I'm not an expert in a software tricks, and if someone wrote back to me like to a layman I would be doubly grateful.

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You don't need to adjust any paths or environment variables. Firefox must run in 32-bit mode. Details on using plugins are here:

I've added a note about 32-bit mode directly to that topic which includes a link to 32-bit mode:

Note that all plugins except Flash require Firefox to run in 32-bit mode, which you can force with AlwaysUse32Bit. Like many browsers, Firefox will be dropping support for all plugins except Flash by the end of 2016.

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Thanks a lot. This really

Thanks a lot. This really helps. Java started to work, but unfortunately when I try to use it on other PC I have this kind of information :

"The Java plugin has crashed.
relode the page to try again.

No report availble "

When I click "reload page" it doesen't help ...

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