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SQLiteBrowser and TeamViewer is aren't updated

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SQLiteBrowser and TeamViewer is aren't updated

When updating from a platform all appendices are updated, but SQLiteBrowser and TeamViewer give out a mistake during connection on Windows XP SP3 system. It isn't possible to be updated. Under Windows 7 everything works.

The link works at downloading in the Chrome browser, but in IE 6 the mistake is given.
I understand that my system became outdated but why it influences only updating of these programs.
I observe such behavior for a long time.

Message from PortableApps Update:
--------------------------- Platform
Unable to download the file. This could be due to a proxy or network issue or the hosting server not permitting downloads from your location. File:


PS. at the time of writing of a post of TeamViewer it was unexpectedly updated.

John T. Haller
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Windows XP Networking Components, Upgrade IE to Fix

The Platform uses the Windows networking components to handle downloads. TeamViewer and Github servers only support newer HTTPS connection methods, so the very old Windows XP components can't connect to them.

You can solve the issue by upgrading Internet Explorer on your machine. This will upgrade all kinds of Windows networking subsystems to newer versions with better features and improved security. IE7 is the oldest version that will upgrade the components but I recommend upgrading to IE8, the latest version of IE for Windows XP. This will give you the best experience. It will also improve the functionality of all kinds of Windows apps that use MSHTML to display certain things within their interfaces. You don't need to use IE to browse to enjoy the benefits that upgrading it will give you to your overall experience.

If you haven't yet done so, I would also recommend upgrading Windows Media Player to version 11. There's at least one app in our directory that won't run without it. Like IE, you don't need to WMP for playing audio/video to get the benefits of them upgrading the internal Windows components that many pieces of software use. It's a given that you should be on Service Pack 3 as well since a large chunk of software won't run at all without it and SP2 is incredibly insecure.

As you mentioned you use Chrome, it should be noted that Chrome will drop Windows XP support in less than 3 months. Upgrading to Firefox would solve your issue as Mozilla plans to support Windows XP for the foreseeable future.

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