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Firefox 3.5

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Firefox 3.5

I've never used portable app before, so have a couple newbie questions. First, I'm wanting to run Firefox 3.5 as portable. Do I have to put it on a flash drive, or will a CD/DVD work? How do add-ons figure in...will these be downloaded into the same flash drive, or CD/DVD....or is it handled different? Lastly, I'd like to know everything I can about portable apps. Any links to tutorials or other in-depth sources of info? Thanks!

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Firefox 3.5 is completely insecure (any website you visit can download and run any code they want on your local machine) and likely won't work with most modern websites. It should absolutely not be used except to explore the user interface for historical reasons.

Old versions for this reason are located here:

Note that old versions, like their local equivalents, are completely unsupported by and Mozilla.

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