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(Please made) " Format Creator", apps.

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(Please made) " Format Creator", apps. Format
(Please made) " Format Creator" apps.
in clear a portable software, that made the default structure file(s) and directory(s). with the latest [ Format specification].
in example " Format version 3.0 structure".

Gord Caswell
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I'm currently rewriting the Development Toolkit, which will help in doing that. It will combine the App Template, appinfo.ini and launcher.ini editors, Format validator, and one-stop access to the App Compactor, Installer, and Launcher Generator.

So long as I can put sufficient time towards this next week, I anticipate having it up shortly thereafter.

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I'm looking forward to it, especially after I *cough* *cough* tried to make on myself *cough* :lol:

I love PortableApps! ❤❤❤

An Apped decision
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I like the sound of this. Can

I like the sound of this. Can't wait to give it a shot.

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