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jPortable creates folder on host

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jPortable creates folder on host

I've just installed jPortable (Version 8u73 (32-bit) for Windows), for the first time, to work with LibreOffice Base. All is good, but...

...a folder named .oracle_jre_usage is being created in the root of User folder on the host machine. This folder contains a benign TIMESTAMP file which is, in many ways, quite useful for knowing when (and by what) jre has been deployed - but I don't want it left on other machines.

The folder is created by the Java usage tracker (see: which is normally disabled by default and the properties file which is usually needed to enable it is no where to be found. So this appears to be a regression (or possibly by design!) for which I found an unresolved bug report here:

Is there anything the devs can do to redirect this output to a portableapps folder or is this something which Oracle needs to sort out?