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GPG and 2nd Profile

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GPG and 2nd Profile

Tried to use ThunderbirdPortable2ndProfile but does not seem to be set up to use the GPG Plugin. Couldn't find GPG and when given path it creates the keyrings and other files under Application Data\gnupg. When exit Thunderbird the gpg-agent.exe and gpg2.exe are left running. On exit the keyrings are left in Application Data\gnupg. Can this problem be verified?

I have not checked but SeamonkeyPortable2ndProfile may have the same problem.

Win XP SP3
Thunderbird 38.6.0
Thunderbird2ndProfile 1.2 (downloaded today)
GPG Plugin Portable 2.0.29
Enigmail 1.8.2

Three tests:

1. with normal Thunderbird Portable:

  • keyrings created in ThunderbirdPortable\Data\gpg
  • on exit gpg-agent.exe and gpg2.exe get shutdown
  • so OK.

    2. with ThunderbirdPortable2ndProfile:

  • Enigmail Alert - Enigmail: Unable to locate GnuPG executable in the PATH.
  • Enigmail Preferences set Override with G:\PortableApps\CommonFiles\GPG\gpg2.exe
  • gnupg folder is created in Application Data\gnupg with keyrings
  • on close Thunderbird2ndProfile gnupg folder created in Application Data\gnupg with keyrings remains and nothing in thunderbirdPortable2ndProfile\Data\gpg
  • on exit gpg-agent.exe and gpg2.exe continue running
  • note: under ThunderbirdPortable2ndProfile\Data, ThunderbirdPortable.ini contains lines:


    but nothing stored in G:\PortableApps\ThunderbirdPortable2ndProfile\Data\gpg

    3. custom built profile using folders and files from ThunderbirdPortable (fresh installation) and ThunderbirdPortable.ini next to ThunderbirdPortable.exe

  • manually create Data\gpg folder
  • keyrings created in Custom\Data\gpg
  • gpg-agent.exe and gpg2.exe get shutdown on exit
  • so OK

    John T. Haller
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    Not supported at present

    Gpg is only supported by the primary instance at present. Manually setting a path to gpg2.exe will cause it to run in local mode.

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