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Opera 12.18 Update Problems

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Opera 12.18 Update Problems

I use Opera 12.17 (portable only) and have not taken any of the Opera versions of 15 or greater which are offered by Apps/Check For Updates in the platform (12.2-7601).

The RSS feed told me that 12.18 is now available but the platform hasn't detected it as an available update for 'installed' apps. I downloaded the 12.18 paf.exe and used the platform's 'manual installation' but that placed OperaPortableLegacy12 alongside the pre-existing OperaPortable directory so it hasn't used my (extensively customised) configuration and settings. My platform menu now lists both 'Opera' and 'Opera Legacy'.

General or just me? Is this just the result of an unfortunate naming inconsistency? What is recommended as the optimal approach to get 12.18 to replace 12.17 while adopting all settings and in such a way that any eventual use of the portable Opera/Blink versions in parallel isn't compromised?

I guess it's not altogether impossible for Opera to release 12.19 as a security update at some time (although it now seems most unlikely) so this may just be a one-shot deal with manual intervention being an acceptable solution for myself and any other luddites encountering this.


Gord Caswell
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Manual Install

Caveat: Note that you should not be using the legacy version for day-to-day use, as it almost certainly has unpatched security vulnerabilities.

This will be a 3-step (maybe 4) process.

  1. Exit the platform
  2. Delete the OperaPortableLegacy12 directory
  3. (Recommended) Rename the OperaPortable directory to OperaPortableLegacy12
  4. Re-run the OperaPortableLegacy12_12.18.paf.exe installer, and point it at your existing OperaPortable (or OperaPortableLegacy12 if step 3 was followed) directory
  5. Enjoy!
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    Many thanks.

    'Standalone Installation' conducted per your advice so as to get to choose (renamed) target directory.

    All good and now on step 5 of the 4-step process.

    Caveat noted but bears repeating as 12.18 isn't guaranteed to have patched all currently-known vulnerabilities and the exposure to newly-identified vulnerabilities can only increase - with little prospect of a 12.19.

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