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JDownloader Portable 2.0 Beta Dev Test 1

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JDownloader Portable 2.0 Beta Dev Test 1

Application: JDownloader
Category: Internet

JDownloader is a free, open-source download management tool with a huge community of developers that makes downloading as easy and fast as it should be. Users can start, stop or pause downloads, set bandwith limitations, auto-extract archives and much more. It's an easy-to-extend framework that can save hours of your valuable time every day! (Source: Homepage)

This application requires jPortable to run and will download additional files while first run. Use built in updater to keep JDownloader up to date.

Download JDownloader Portable 2.0 Beta Dev Test 1 [2.9MB download / 71.2MB installed]
(MD5: 07df3df266e5a8901cc00729ea3db1b4)

Project on GitHub / SourceForge

Release Notes:
2.0 Dev Test 1 (2016-02-19): Initial release

Other Notes:
This is a continuation of CODYQX4's Dev Test

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Thanks! Works for me.

Thanks! Works for me.

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Thanks ! Works for me too !

Thanks ! Works for me too !

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Here's a PAF of an online

Here's a PAF of an online installer for JDownloader.

I made this for a member here who was having trouble making Java work with JDownloader. You can view that thread here.

JDownloader Portable 32/64-bit Multilingual Online Installer

With my version of JDownloader Portable, I've added the Java= setting in the optional user configuration file. The end-user can take advantage of this setting which allows you to set the location the launcher looks for JRE for use with JDownloader Portable. When the portable installer downloads JDownloader, it installs a bundled JRE with it. However, I've added the ability to allow the user to override this by changing the location the launcher will look for JRE in the optional user configuration file. This setting (Java=) takes first priority if the portable launcher finds this setting with a value.

The following list is the scanning priority the launcher will search for Java:

  1. Java= - The optional user configuration setting.
  2. The bundled JRE folder inside the application folder (downloaded by default).
  3. PA.c CommonFiles location (X:\PortableApps\CommonFiles\Java or ..\CommonFiles\Java64)
  4. Lastly, if nothing else found, the launcher will search for a locally installed version of Java.

I did this so the end-user can choose what he/she prefers to do themselves. If they would like to delete the bundled JRE (which has an older JRE version of 1.8.0_40; the current release is 1.8.0_144) to use an updated version or because not everyone who uses portable apps in the PA.c Format will adhere to the directory structure using the CommonFiles folder. As well as not everyone is/will be using the jPortable Plugin made available here at either.

To upgrade JDownloader simply rerun the installer and select your bit depth accordingly; or choose both 32-bit and 64-bit version if you plan on running this on computers with both architectures.

Here are some nifty tips (shared with me at The Portable Freeware Collection by Userfriendly on my thread for JDownloader Portable) for those who use JDownloader and would like to disable those annoying banners and the like, etc. To turn on/off these settings, you can find these options in advanced settings.

Use the following keywords to filter the options and locate the right settings to toggle:

  • premium disabled warning flash
  • premium alert
  • Special Deal
  • donate button
  • banner

Alternatively, you may just edit the configuration file for JDownloader's settings (org.jdownloader.settings.GraphicalUserInterfaceSettings.json):

"premiumalertetacolumnenabled" : false,
"bannerenabled" : false,
"donatebuttonstate" : "CUSTOM_HIDDEN",
"specialdealoboomdialogvisibleonstartup" : false,
"premiumalerttaskcolumnenabled" : false,
"premiumalertspeedcolumnenabled" : false,
"premiumdisabledwarningflashenabled" : false,
"specialdealsenabled" : false,

Hope you guys enjoy! Smile

[EDIT] Link removed due to poor virustotal scan - mod GC


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don't hijack

Rather than hijacking someone else's thread by posting your own modifications here, please start a new thread.

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Hijacking ??? The last post

Hijacking ??? The last post was edited on February 2016... If no one update the realease , then the portable software will not be OK at all

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Please refer to this link.
The launcher also has virus and stay running in the background when jDownloader is closed.

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Most useful app

I thank dev for the app. But will it be updated to stable version?

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I downloaded it and it

I downloaded it and it updated to a version from jan 15 2018, literaly yesterday.
So it is updated. Just not from portableapps servers.

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The file posted creates a

The file posted creates a temp directory and is rated suspicious

edit: this seems to be because of the NSIS install system

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have built-in phishing code

works fine however have built-in phishing code. it tries to acceso paypal accounts and similars.

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I'm not able to remote it

I'm not able to remote it with web remote or even android. what's wrong? How do I remote this?


After waiting for some time, it works, be patient.

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exception occured
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